Buyers Beware When it Comes to Financing Options

When it comes to securing financing for a small business, it may seem like there are many options out there, until you examine them closely. Many small financing opportunities are a great deal for the lender, but not for the small business. There are various programs that may appear to offer financing, but there are strings attached that make these programs a bad choice.

One method used is to offer small business financing that involves credit cards and limits. The lender offers your small business a credit card with a specific credit limit that can be used to make purchases. This option is not ideal for a few reasons. First of all credit card interest s generally much higher than a line of credit or loan, so your business can end up paying huge interest charges. Credit cards can not meet many of your small business needs, because salaries for workers, more space or a new building, and even equipment and supplies may not be purchased with these credit cards. This financing method benefits the credit card lender, because they receive high interest for the financing, and the small business is stuck paying exorbitant interest rates for credit that can only be used for certain things, many of which do not include helping the business grow and expand.

Another common small business financing options is to use a program that offers vendor credit. This is another common program available, and it is usually not that helpful for most small business owners. Vendor credit is great if the small business needs something from a specific vendor, but this credit is not versatile and can not help potential growth or expansion needs. This financing option can not help the business meet expenses, or make purchases anywhere but through the vendor offering credit. This financing option has a very limited scope, and is usually not very beneficial to a small business in these tough financial times.

The third financing option that many small business owners use, which may have not be very helpful, is to use financing programs that offer a low cash line of credit. These programs do offer cash financing options, but in very low amounts. For a small business, this may be as effective as not getting financing, because the amount may not be enough to keep the business going.

Instead of using traditional financing programs, there is a unique new small business financing programming option available. This program requires minimal documentation, offers cash financing anywhere from one hundred thousand dollars to one million dollars for small businesses, and requires no credit check, financial business documents, or tax returns. This financing program can help your business stay open without all the hassles and documentation that other financing options require, and you get the financing your small business needs in cash, which is how it can do the most good. This option is far better than the other choices, and can help you keep your small business profitable and growing instead of becoming stagnant and closing.

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